These experiment-based unit studies have been prepared specifically for the little mermaids (or mermen!) in your house. Each Science for Mermaids pack is focused on learning scientific concepts as they relate to our oceans as well as covering scientific basics like recording experiment procedures and results.

Studies About the Mermaid

Arctic Animals

Learn about how Arctic animals like polar bears, penguins, and seals stay warm in the icy ocean water.

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Ocean Acidity

Learn about the importance of ocean chemistry and scientists’ new concern for rising ocean acidity.

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Ocean Zones

Build your own tiny slice of ocean in a jar and learn about the different creatures that call each zone their home.

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Science for Mermaids was born out of Bethany’s desire to teach kids about the importance and wonder of our planet’s oceans. After graduating Cum Laude with a Marine Biology degree, she’s distilling her oceanic wisdom into these accessible, age-appropriate experiments. Students will also learn basic scientific skills like writing lab reports which they will carry into their high school and college years. These experiments may contain affiliate links, conveniently delivering you to sites where you can buy experiment materials and supplies. These links won’t cost you anything extra to use and help us keep the lights on.

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