Three Reflections for Half-Time

We live in the south where the Southeastern Conference, or “SEC”, is a big deal. Flags are flying, stadiums are full, and everyone has a favorite team. We are serious about our college football. With the upcoming National Championship, we are all “on the edge of our seats” to know who will take the prize.

I always wonder what words are chosen in the locker rooms, especially at half-time. When a team goes into the locker room and they’re down by a large number, what does that coach say to encourage them to rally and come back to win? What tone does he use? What volume? Who inspires his words and does he have a book to keep notes for the next time he needs a speech to rally the forces?

As home educators, this is a critical time of year for us, too. The Christmas break is over, winter has set in and we’ve rounded the corner of first semester. It’s half-time and we’re rallying to begin again. Our goal is to finish strong. Some of the players and coaches are tired, wounded, dirty from the “game”, and some are ready to quit.

Let’s go back to our “locker room”. Do you have one? A prayer closet? A quiet desk with a cup of tea? A library chair? A place to think, pray and regroup?

Go there. Meditate on these things:

· Put on your “blinders”.

Blinders keep you from looking at the ones racing beside you. Your focus is your own lane. Stay there.

· Turn down the “noise”.

Turn off social media. Turn off the phone. Turn down the noise so you can be fully present for your family.

· Be filled to be emptied.

You are a vessel that is repeatedly poured out to everyone around you each day. Are you filled? Take time each morning to fill your heart with God’s Word so that your resource is love.

As a coach and mentor would likely say…

don’t get down and don’t panic.

We’ve been here before.

Stick to your game plan and focus on what matters most.

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