Challenge A: Reflections and Resources


The theme of the Challenge A year is OWNERSHIP. Just reminding our son of this theme was helpful in his growth as a student. Knowing that someone is holding you accountable is powerful.

Dyslexia and Challenge A

Students move at their own pace within the Challenge program. Despite the assignments and requirements, students and parents are still given the freedom to modify their learning journey. I can honestly say that even though we had a 40% enrollment rate of students with dyslexia in our program, no one would have ever known this fact nor would they have been able to pick out students who were challenged in the area of reading and spelling within the classroom. The nature of dialoguing and conversation during class time lends itself to excellence for all students.


Our son has felt more successful this year.  Being with peers and adults who are genuinely interested in his spiritual, physical, and academic growth has breathed life into his heart.  He is motivated to grow, motivated to learn, and motivated to be more.

Help and Ideas List

Some of the moms of our Challenge A class gathered to discuss ideas and suggestions that worked for their student.  This round-table discussion proved helpful for us and we shared the list with our community.  Remember that these are only suggestions and you, as the teacher, must determine what works to make the learning experience smooth.  Here you can download a pdf list of helpful hints and ideas for Challenge A that was compiled by the moms of our group: download Challenge A Tips and Resources here.

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