School at the Beach

Our Rescue Kits are themed resources to help you make the most of your school days.

Our family lives for the beach! This was true 20 years ago when our classroom was young and it’s true to this day. When the students were little, we would take advantage of our beach trips by doing beach-specific school activities and it only deepened our familial love of the ocean. Now, nearly the whole family has become certified open water divers and our beach trips include significantly more time spent under the waves.

Marine Biology Coloring Book

Both Lauren and Bethany enjoyed using these biology coloring books during their high school years. For younger students, I had them keep ‘beach journals’ and encouraged them to draw a beach scene or a critter portrait every day we were at the beach. This encouraged some lovely solo time as the students ventured off down the beach with journals and pencils in hand to discover their next portrait.

Smartphone Microscope

No need to drag all that heavy microscope equipment along on your next beach trip! These micro-lens adapters for your phone are relatively inexpensive and so much easier to transport. Check out God’s fingerprints on the teeny-tiny side of the beach.
8x Micro Lens for your phone
Stronger 150x phone micro lens

Build an Underwater Viewer

You can easily make an underwater viewer with supplies you probably already have in your kitchen! Check out the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Sand Handprint Craft

Many thanks to for this easy craft.

Sensory play for littles

Many thanks to for testing multiple moldable sand recipes and bringing us the winner.

Science for Mermaids
Created by our own in-house marine biologist, Bethany, Science for Mermaids is a series of easy, ocean-oriented science experiments you can do with your students. There’s something for nearly every age/grade level with new experiments added frequently. Check out our shop!


Hands down the best part of any beach day is the afternoon after you’ve spent a wonderful, splashy, sandy morning by the waves. Come inside, shower off, cuddle up on the couch together, and listen to this book. You can learn more about this story (or order your own hard copy) here.

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